carmelo sigona - snow

Carmelo SNOW: Throughout his career as a professional artist, SNOW has created and designed stage sets, props, installations, album covers and music video backdrops for numerous music industry icons including but not limited to: Chris Brown, Wu Tang Clan, Gangstarr, Mobb Deep and Will Smith. His works are featured globally in numerous books and in magazines including hundred of urban are publication, with many appearances in video documentaries. Most notably: Time, People, The History of American Graffiti, The Exchange, MTV's Sucker Free Countdown, and The Star-Ledger. His latest project for Google/Google Music was recently featured on and BBC News. SNOW has worked for Todd McFarlane (cretor of the Spawn animation and coic book series) as a painter and designer of action figures, play sets, and environmental installations. This seven year experience helped inspire his latest endeavor: a series of graffiti and hip hop inspired comic books titled TALES FROM THE MIST.

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